Saturday, August 12, 2006

I am having ALOT of trouble with Aiden again this year. Today was only the 5th day of the school year and I was already asked to keep him home. In his mind, he won. He knows if he is disruptive or stubborn, they are going to send him home. He is just going to show us WHO is in chanrge and WHO has the stronger will. I am so frustrated with this boy.
I was concerned that he may have a learnng disability. They were telling me he couldnt answer any questions, and could not do ANY of his school work. I went to his class today to get all of the work for today and what he hasnt done this week. If he was staying home I'll be ding danged if the child was going to have FUN... no no.. he was going to DO his work!

It took him 30 minutes to finish a weeks worth of papers... and i didnt help him much, all i did was read him the instructions. he can identify the alphabet, sounds and numbers.. even out of sequence.

The local public school is 400 kids over capacity.. I really dont know what my options are. I will tell you that sending him home when he misbehaves is giving him EXACTLY what he wants. He will be 6 in 4 months.. he is NOT too young to be in school.

You see I didnt have enough stress yet... so here comes that rain I mentioned.


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